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54mm PMDC DC Servo Motors BLDC Motor Roller Shutter Motor

Tranquil, stable and reliable for extended daily life operation
one.Diameters: 54mm
2.Lengths:  75mm94mm126mm145mm
three.Ongoing torques: .07Nm0.15Nm0.26Nm0.36Nm
four.Electricity: 23W52W90W124W
5.Speeds up to 3200rpm3300rpm3300rpm3300rpm
six.Environmental problems: -ten~+40°C
7.Variety of poles:two
eight.Mangnet materials:Tough Ferrit
9.Insulation class:B
ten.Optional: electronic drivers, encoders and gearheads, as well as Corridor result resolver and sensorless opinions
11.We can design and style the unique voltage and shaft, and so on

Design 54ZYT01 54ZYT02 54ZYT03 54ZYT04
Voltage V 24
No load velocity rpm 4000
Rated torque Nm .07 .fifteen .26 .36
Rated speed rpm 3200 3300 3300 3300
Rated current A one.65 three.20  5.30  7.20 
Stall torque Nm .35 .seventy six one.40  one.80 
Stall recent A 7.0  fourteen.nine 27.3 35.six
Rotor inertia Kgmm² a hundred and fifteen 215 370 480
Back-EMF constant V/krpm five.seventy seven five.seventy seven 5.77 5.77
Torque Continuous Nm/A .055 .055 .055 .055
Resistance(20ºC) ohm three.forty five one.65 .88 .68
Bodyweight Kg .60  .90  one.three one.6
L1 mm 75 ninety four 126 one hundred forty five
Rotor:La mm 17 36 66 86

Normal sort of shaft


54mm PMDC DC Servo Motors BLDC Motor Roller Shutter Motor


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