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55kw Bottom Price Brushless DC Motor

55kw Brushless Dc Motor

Series brushless DC motor is newly produced goods of our performs. The goods are located vast use for primary mover in different, sucb as mill auxilinry in merallurgical induetry, metallic reducing machine-device, paper making, print, textile, printing and dyeing, cement-producing,plastic extruding device, and many others. Outline and mounting proportions of the motors comply with IEC72 CZPT, other than for the axial length amongst the mounting holes (dimension B). Efficiency and technical requirements of the motors can be checked in accordance with IEC34-1 CZPT of the CZPT Electro technical Fee, or DIN57530 Norm of the Deutsche CZPT-Norm. The motors are course F insulated, with reputable insulating construction and impregnating approach, cnsuring steady dielectric performance and superb heat dissipation. The motors have the functions of little dimension, very good overall performance, mild excess weight, massive output, higher efficiency and dependability, becoming able to match the existing intercontinental superior level. The motors can be lastingly operated type entirely managed three-stage bridge CZPT a smoothing reactor. Motors for 160V might be operated on solitary-period bridge thyristor. In that scenario, a smoothing reactor, whose inductance is specified in the relevant technological date, ought to be inserted in the armature circult to suppres ripple recent.


1.Protection, mounting and sort of construction: a. Variety of defense of the whole collection: IP21S b. Mounting modes comply with the State CZPT GB/T997 stipulated as follows:

2.Methods of Cooling: Modes of cooling for all the motors are independent cooling, drive ventilated. Cooling by body radially mounted, independently driven ventilating supporter, and attached with an air filter. Modes of cooling for motors could be produced into a few kinds, namely IC06, IC17 and IC37. a.For Z4-100-Z4-a hundred and sixty, the blower is mounted on the non-drive aspect. b.For Z4-180-Z4-450, the blower is mounted on the generate facet.

    All the ventilating enthusiast motors are of a few stage, two pole, 380V. Motors with the adhering to 5 methods of cooling can also be purchased, but prior consultations are needed. a. Body dimension 100 up to 250 may be produced into the absolutely enclosed, body cooled motor (IC410). b. Frame measurement 160 up to 250 could be produced into the separately ventilated motor with blower mounted on its non-generate facet (IC05). c. Frame dimensions a hundred up to 200 may possibly be produced into the self cooled open up motor with its personal enthusiast mounted on the shaft (IC01). d. Body dimension a hundred and sixty up to 355 might be produced into completely enclosed motor with inside cooling air circulation by independent air-air heat exchanger mounted on it (IC666). e. Body measurement 160 up to 450 may possibly be created into totally enclosed motor with independent air-water heat exchanger mounted on it (IC86W). three. CZPT terminal box mounting is the correct hand facet witnessed type the push end of the motor. As an substitute, mounting at the leading or on the lefthand facet is attainable on request. four. Motors if essential, can be fitted with tachogenerator or other accessories at the non-drive stop. 5. Motors, when right coupled, need to use elastic or versatile couplings. The travel and pushed models should be aligned with the utmost treatment. Radial forces acting on the shaft-extensions (belt or pinion travel) need to not exceed the values offered in the diagrams in the adhering to internet pages (see Appendix2). Motors are of compact structure, elegant physical appearance, roomy terminal box, effortless wiring, servicing and maintenance.

Z4 high voltage dc high velocity motor Content material:
1. You should refer to our catalogue prior to purchasing. If the kinds, rankings you need are not covered by our booklet make sure you get in touch with us. Should you have distinct demands, you should supply us certain proposal in progress. A agreement or pilot creation agreement could be made when the needs are fixed by widespread consent. 2. Make sure you compose evidently the type, output, voltage, speed, obligation, kind of development, excitation, area voltage, No. of shaft-stop, spot of terminal box, required equipment and spare parts and so forth. three. If the humid-tropical type essential, please mark TH guiding the first variety amount.

55kw Bottom Price Brushless DC Motor


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