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SD Series Mobile Slewing Drive

SD planetary rotary drive series is designed to compact design is suitable for mobile, architectural, marine, Material handling, and other demanding applications to ensure adequate performance and stable operation.

This extensive Brevini planetary gear unit is designed for pinion and slewing ring drives.
It has been successfully applied to the steering drive of tower cranes, marine and port cranes, wind turbines, and ship propulsion systems. It can be used in all applications requiring precise positioning. These motion system rotary drives suit the most demanding work in various environments.
The design of the planetary mechanism optimizes the torque performance and radial load capacity to achieve the perfect meshing between the pinion and the ring gear. For precise adjustment, some models have eccentric installation between the gear shaft and the housing shaft. With a wide range of transmission ratios, we can choose the size and type of motor that is most suitable for customer requirements and applications. ever-power is proud of its quality assurance policy, including DNV’s type approval certificate.

Tech Data Of SD Series Mobile Slewing Drive

Size Max Torque
Nominal Torque

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