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2.3kw CNC AC Servo Motor and Driver 15nm Servo Motor for CNC Milling Lathe Machine

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Guarantee Other
Place of Origin China
Manufacturer Identify LZC
Product Number ECMA-F11845RS
Frequency 50/60hz
Phase Three-phase
Safeguard Characteristic Explosion-evidence
AC Voltage 208-230 / 240 V
Effectiveness IP65
Merchandise Title Servo Motor ECMA-F11845RS Servo Push ASD-A2-3571-M Supports CAN open DMCNET EtherCAT To Realize Synchronous Handle
Input AC 220V 1.7A
Out set four.5KW IP65 CL.A
Charge one.92N.m 3000r/min
Application Standard Machinery, all CNC device

AC motors are also various from DC motors since most AC motors do not include brushes. This indicates that servicing and parts substitution wants for AC motors are likely to be significantly decreased, with most users usually expecting a more time regular lifespan. Not like DC motors, the output speed of many sorts of AC motors is typically determined by inverter control – again, we will briefly outline a variety of possible variations on the fundamental AC motor product.
An AC motor is a sort of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC power drives the motor. It is a recent that periodically reverses route and modifications its magnitude of the existing over time. This recent is the reverse of a immediate existing or “DC” which flows in only one particular course. AC motors can offer a reasonably successful way to make mechanical vitality from a easy electrical input sign.

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