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Ctcp Machine for UV Ctcp Plate

1. Confirmed 405nm UV laser diode technologies with automated imaging design

McLantis CTCP guarantees really very clear and sharp DOT and higher operate length. Working day mild procedure. Failure of any channel of laser diode will not end the CTCP. The CTCP can use the remaining channels to work. Therefore, McLantis CTCP makes certain ongoing creation and routine maintenance usefulness.

two. Dynamic autofocus

The performance of the platesetter is mostly decided by precise focus control. Plate output quality is derived from the constant laser location precision. McLantis CTCP utilizes the 3rd technology dynamic focusing technology. The specific length measuring method can detect the subtle adjust in length of .one microns. Pushed by the voice coil motor, McLantis CTCP can track the alterations in the plate surface area to change the longitudinal situation of the lens, to make certain a continual distance amongst the lens. McLantis dynamic autofocus can also stay away from the fantastic dust from the surface area of the photosensitive drum caused by blue places, blue halo dilemma. Every single place is uncovered in the very best focal duration exposure to ensure the regular, obvious and sharp DOT.

three. Unique DOT manage technological innovation

McLantis distinctive graphical calibration technological innovation can properly reproduce rectangle, eliminating dimensional deviation brought on by diverse plate thickness. McLantis CTCP can make specific compensation for DOT obtain problem brought on by the laser place dimension. McLantis CTCP can best carry out one% to ninety nine% step. One particular solitary McLantis CTCP plate registration precision is 5 microns. It can attain fifteen microns following calibrating with two diverse McLantis CTCP’s.

4. Exterior drum publicity

McLantis CTCP makes use of DDS engineering to ensure the stage jittering frequency inside of one/32 pixel, to make certain straight and clean vertical and horizontal line. McLantis drum method equilibrium block can instantly adjust to the new place up to only 5 seconds to modify, to switch instantaneously for a variety of dimensions of plates. In addition, McLantis CTCP utilizes the printing press variety to curve and clamp the plate, exposes constant high high quality dots.

5. Automatic power stability

The temperature management method within the laser constant shielding box can immediately specific temperature to plus or minus .one degrees. And at a exact temperature problem, mild depth can be immediately calibrated every single eight several hours to ensure the consistence of the laser strength.

six. Leading good quality main parts

McLantis CTCP is included with the world’s leading brand name laser diode and prime grade AO grade roller screw and ball rails. Precision ceramic surface area of the exterior drum with swing beat considerably less than 8 microns, by no means worn. Highly reliability of the plate clamp technique with two hundred thousand moments a lot more fatigue testing and far more than four million hrs file of non-plate-traveling.
Higher functionality dedusting method can obtain the dust during plate outputing and gathered in the dust filter bag, not straight emitted into the air.

seven. Easy to function

McLantis CTCP platesetter is dedicated to any CTCP workflow with perfect seamless connectivity.


Design MACSETTER 800
328U 488U 648U
Gentle Channels 32beams 48beams 64beams
Output Velocity(Plate/hour) 16p/h 22p/h 29p/h
for 1030x800mm 2,540dpi
21p/h 31p/h 35p/h
for 745x605mm two,540dpi
Light Resource 405 nm CZPT Diode
Repeatability ±5 microns
Interface one thousand base-T
Output Resolution 2540 dpi(industrial printing)
1200 dpi (newspaper printing)
3657dpi, 4800dpi is optional
Dot Replica one%-99%
Register Accuracy within .01mm
Plate Size Max.1160x940mm
Ideal Plates CTCP plate or higher delicate PS plate
Plate Thickness .fifteen-.40mm
Plate Loading and Unloading Loading: Semi-automation(CZPT Set)
Unloading: CZPT
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Stability Automated Equilibrium
Surroundings Temperature 25±3
Humidity forty-70%(Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension 2571 x 1000 x 930 mm(W*D*H)
Net Excess weight 1500kg
Electrical power Offer 5.5 KW/220V±5%, 50/60Hz
Optional vertical plate vehicle loader

Ctcp Machine for UV Ctcp Plate


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