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Electric Hoist Motor for Construction Lifting Equipment

Visual appeal style: gorgeous modelling conciseBrake put on concealed within leadPlug in type electromagnetic wireCZPT rings seat design and style. 

Inside functionality: joint building lifter genuine working condition, interior replicate similar domestic leading stage of the motor functionality.

Embodied in: rated voltage eighty five% when can full load startingRated load one hundred twenty five% when relaxed starting and stable operationCan be moderately happy to meet the desire of the brake adjustmentFrictionless operation of the brake disc framework to get higher operating stability, low noise and high the complete life. 

Reliability: the friction brake disc 12 months, the typical existence expectancy of armature and fastened brake disc life expectancy for 30 months, brake trouble-totally free working times, 200000 times on regular, difficulty-cost-free working time is an average of 18 monthsMotor can be picked embedded type thermal defense system, make certain reliable motor thermal overload safety.Interchangeability and maintainability: motor and DC brake

All varieties of hoist spare elements
Driving unit with 2-motors / three-motors
motor: 11kw, 14.5kw,18kw
motor spare areas: braking system brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor fan.
safety unit: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN
gearbox: 16:one,14:one,12:one hundred ten:1

Characteristic Product Rated Loading Lifting Speed Motor Power
CZPT cabin
SC200/200  2×2000kg 33m/min 2×(3×11kw) 2×(2×13kw)
SC150/150  2×1500kg 33m/min 2×(2×15kw)
SC100/100  2×1000kg 33m/min 2×(2×11kw)
Single cabin
SC200     2000kg 33m/min 3×11kw
SC150     1500kg 33m/min 2×15kw
SC100     1000kg 33m/min 2×11kw

Electric Hoist Motor for Construction Lifting Equipment


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