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Electrical Resistance AGM Separator for Lead Acid Battery

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Thickness mm ±5%d
CZPTal Resistance Ω.dm2 ≤0.00050d
Tensile Energy kN/m ≤2.0mm
Basic Fat g/ 20Kpa
Max Pore Diameter µm ≤20µm
Pressurzing Acid Absorption % ≥550
Porosity % ≥90
Acid-Wicking Height mm/5min ≥90mm/5min

The AGM separator is a single sort of environmental-protection substance which is manufactured of micro glass fiber (Diameter of .six-6μ M). It is white, innocuity, tastelessness and specially used in Price Controlled Direct-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries).

The AGM separator has great acid resistance, equivalent thickness, large volume porosity, enough tensile reinforce each in machine direction and cross path, good compression capacity to make sure the large plate group stress, and very good insulative capability and so on. It can absorb enough electrolyte, offer the channels for hydrogen and oxygen cost-free passing to respond, prevent the lively materials from slipping off, sluggish the development of direct crystal, and reduce the loss of electrolyte in demand & loss servicing, it is also has a long making use of life.

The AGM separator is equipped in rolls or items, and packed with carton following coated with the plastic movie.

UPS electricity source, CZPTal electricity system, Railway signal, Telecommunication gear, Emergency lighting, Fireplace manage and Alarming technique, Generator starting, CZPTal automobile and Motor-cycle, Benefit-regulated, Photo voltaic & Wind electricity.

Thickness: .3mm-five.0mm
Width and length can be produced according to your requests.
Bundle: Carton packing


Electrical Resistance AGM Separator for Lead Acid Battery


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