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Jqx-40f 12V 24V 220V 50A Voltage Power Relay for Motor

Major Parameter
Contact Type 1A,1B,1C
Contact Substance Silver Alloy
Get in touch with Resistance Max.50mΩ
Rated Load 50A 250VAC
50A 28VDC
Max. Switching Voltage 28VDC/250VAC
Max. Switching Recent 50A
Max. Switching Energy 1400W/12500VA
CZPTal Lifestyle 2×104
Mechanical Existence 1×10seven
Coil Electricity Consumption (DC) 3.0W
(AC) five.5VA
Coil Voltage (DC) 6~220VDC
(AC) 6~220VAC

Other Parameters
Movement Time Max.25ms
Release Time Max.25ms
CZPTting Resistance Coil Contacts 2000VAC ,(50/60Hz), 1 min.
Open up Contacts 1500VAC ,(fifty/60Hz), one min.
Insulation Resistance Min. 1000MΩ (500 VDC)
Surroundings Temperature -40ºC~+55ºC
Procedure Humidity forty five%~85% RH
Shock Resistance Purposeful Min. 10G
Destructive Min. 100G
Anti-vibration Purposeful 1.5mm(DA)ten~55 Hz
Harmful 1.5mm(DA)10~fifty five Hz
Bodyweight ≈150g

           Cautions of Energy Relay:

               1.Tips of CZPT Anti-dust Cover

               We very suggest go over :
               (one)When the ambient humidity is ≥ 60% (for case in point refrigerator or some nation like Indian), the metal elements of relay will be weakened in various degrees
               due to lengthy-term publicity to the outdoors in phrases of electrical conductivity and service existence.
               (two)When the dust density is substantial in the surroundings, all types of impurities carried in the dust (this kind of as gravel), if gravel is embedded among contacts.
               Firstly, it will influence the standard opening and closing of contactsSecondly, part of the silicon oxide can be utilized as a semiconductor to conduct electric power,
               and then the relay’s on and off will fail if no anti-dust protect.
              (three)When corrosive gases are serious in the atmosphere, it will accelerate the metal getting older, drastically affecting the provider life of electrical relays.
               * When none of the earlier mentioned conditions exists, the plastic anti-dust include is not required because of to additional price.

              two.Ideas of Contacts
              (1)We need to shell out attention to stop get in touch with motion, adhesion, abnormal use, enhance of get in touch with resistance and other fault phenomena whilst utilizing.

              (two)The materials of electricity relay can be AgCd571,AgSn08,AgSnOlnO and so forth.Wanjia star manufacturer relay adopted AgSnO2  with higher quality & steady functionality.  
              (three)The mechanical services lifestyle and electrical provider lifestyle can be principal factor also

              * In a term, excellent gadget need to have excellent relay to minimal the fixing charges and increase the stamina.

Jqx-40f 12V 24V 220V 50A Voltage Power Relay for Motor


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