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Magnetic-Electric 152mm Low Noise Stepping Motor in Inkjet Printer

Solution identify 86BYGH
Steppermotor’s Poles 2 4
Body Size 86mm*86mm
Voltage  2.0V-7.4V
Max Static Torque  2200-9000
Resistance  .forty two-22Ω
Weight  one.7kg two.8kg two.8kg
Color black
Application Centrifugal machinery
Sewage therapy device
CNC device instrument
Computerized feeding
Wire reducing the workbench,
Planting equipment desk (pores positioning)
Packing equipment
ATM machine,
Inkjet printer,
Slicing plotter,
Picture machine,
Spraying gear,
Healthcare gear and gear,
Pc peripherals and mass storage products,
precision instrument,
CZPT control technique,
business office automation,
Robots and other fields.
Personal computer embroidery device, and many others.

Model Poles  Voltage Existing Resistance Inductance Max Static Torque Excess weight
    V A Ω mH KG
86BYGH73-01A two 4.two .5 3.five thirty
86BYGH73-02A 4 four.four two 22 22
86BYGH73-03A 4 three three one 3.5 22
86BYGH73-04A four two four.5 .5 1.5 22
86BYGH113-01A 2 three four.five .seventy five six sixty 2.eight
86BYGH113-02A four 6.4 2 three.two fourteen forty four two.eight
86BYGH113-03A 4 4.2 3 one.5 6 forty four 2.eight
86BYGH113-04A four two.eight 4.5 .sixty six two.five forty four 2.8
86BYGH153-01A 2 5.6 .forty nine 4.two ninety three.eight
86BYGH153-02A 4 seven.6 two three.eight 19 66 three.8
86BYGH153-03A 4 3.8 four .ninety seven four.two sixty six three.eight
86BYGH153-04A four two.five 6 .forty two one.7 66 3.8


Magnetic-Electric 152mm Low Noise Stepping Motor in Inkjet Printer


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