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NEMA 11 45mm Electric Stepper Motor for Machine

NEMA eleven(28MM)  
Solution identify NEMA eleven(28MM)
Steppermotor’s Wire 4
Frame Size 28mm*28mm
Max Static Torque  one
Resistance  1-10Ω
Cogging Torque <150-220
Weight  .one-.2kg
Colour black
Software Spotlight
CNC machine resource
Wire reducing the workbench,
Planting machine table (pores positioning)
ATM machine,
Inkjet printer,
Reducing plotter,
Picture machine,
Health care tools and tools,
Computer peripherals and mass storage products,
precision instrument,
Workplace automation,
Robots and other fields.
Pc embroidery machine, etc.

Model Lead Wire   Length      Current    Resistance  Inductance   Max Static Torque  Rotor  Inertia     Weight  
  No. mm A Ω mH g.com2 KG
28BYGH33-01A four 33 .8 5.3 three.three .6 eight .11
28BYGH45-01A four 45 .eight 7.8 five.four .8 11 .14
28BYGH48-01A 4 48 .eight eight.6 six.7 .nine thirteen .eighteen


NEMA 11 45mm Electric Stepper Motor for Machine


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