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PE Film Packing Machine

PE Movie Packing Equipment

Packing velocity: 10packs/min
PLC controller
After product sales services
CE certificate

The PE movie shrink pack equipment is produced specifically for mineral h2o, beverage, wine, beer, item and so on infusion medicine bottle mix packaging, with steady purpose, and the packed articles tight and orderliness. It can be handled as a one pushing machine when high speed demanded.

Applying imported PLC procedure computerized handle, stable performance, and precise manage.
Experiencing entire-computerized perform of feeding, tube management, shrinkage, and cooling condition-repairing circulation.
Film transportation is adopted with sensor switch control, adjustable supply film lentgh, and can minimize wastage.
Elector motor is adopted with imported transducer to manage, realizing unlimited speed regulating.
Sophisticated spiral wind circulating framework, a few-layer insulation treatment method, and enrgy conservation.
Bolstered cooling shage-repairing channel to make certain packaging goods condition rapidly and convenient storage and transportation.


Dimension for the complete device: L5500mm×W3200mm×H2100mm
Thermal shrinkage passage dimension: L1800mm×W650mm×H450mm
Max. bundle dimension: L600mm×W400mm×H350mm
Shrink film material: PE, PVC, POF
Shrink film thickness: .03-.15mm
Packaging pace: 8-10Packages/minute 
Functioning electrical power provide/energy: 380V ,20KW 
Sealing and slicing time/temperature: .five-1.5s, 140PoPC-160PoPC
Working air stress: .six-.8Mpa
Air use: .5mP3P/minute


PE Film Packing Machine


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