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Powder Metallurgy Sintering Bearboxes DC Motor Planetary Gearbox for Automobile Assembly Powder Transmission Reducer

We supply OEM metallic planetary gearbox for  electornic motor, electrical equipment by means of Powder metallurgy and Powder metallurgy approach .
Modest planetary equipment box can be outfitted with stepping motor , brushless motor , AC motor , DC motor ,  .
Ratio : 3, four, 5, 7, nine, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, 35, 40, 50, 64, 70, eighty, 100, one hundred fifty, two hundred, 250, 350, four hundred, five hundred, seven hundred, 1000 .

Powder metallurgy (PM) is a expression masking a wide range of approaches in which materials or parts are made from steel powders. PM processes can avoid, or greatly minimize, the need to use steel elimination processes, thus substantially decreasing generate losses in manufacture and frequently resulting in reduce charges.

The powder metallurgy push and sinter process usually is composed of three fundamental measures: powder mixing (pulverisation), die compaction, and sintering. Compaction is typically done at area temperature, and the elevated-temperature process of sintering is normally carried out at atmospheric strain and under very carefully controlled atmosphere composition. Optional secondary processing such as coining or heat treatment often follows to receive specific homes or enhanced precision.

CZPTized steel components specification

Merchandise identify
Sintering steel components carbon steel micro reducer gearbox for motors planetary gearbox reduction electricity transfer tiny gearboxes
metallic , carton metal , stainless steel 
Steel injection molding , Powder metallurgy ,CNC equipment
Surface area treatment method
Sprucing , plating ,sand blasting , PVD , coating
Drawing format
Shipping and delivery time 
30 days for mass generation

 PM Process has a large diploma of adaptability allowing the tailoring of the physical characteristics of a product to match your particular house and performance specifications. These incorporate:

  • Structural parts with complex styles
  • Managed Porosity
  • Controlled performance
  • Very good efficiency in anxiety and absorbing of  vibrations
  • Particular houses this kind of as hardness and put on resistance
  • Great precision and very good surface area complete
  • Big sequence of items with narrow tolerances

Cuatom micro gearbox 



Powder Metallurgy Sintering Bearboxes DC Motor Planetary Gearbox for Automobile Assembly Powder Transmission Reducer


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