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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth Fabric

What is PTFE Coated Glass Materials&quest
PTFE Coated Glass Materials is made from high high quality glass materials mixed with specifically formulated PTFE articles&period

The qualities of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics&time period
Outstanding non-adhere floor&comma easy to clean
Substantial temperature resistant
Extremely lower coefficient of friction
Outstanding temperature resistance &lparfrom -70°C to &plus300°C&rpar
Non-harmful and compliant for meals apps
Strong resistance to all chemical substances &lparexcept for molten alkaline metals&rpar
Excellent dimensional balance and robust tensile energy because of to glass fabrics
Overall flexibility
Large electrical insulating electrical power&comma sturdy resistance to electrical arc
Resistance to microwaves&comma UVs and IRs and HF&time period

The apps of PTFE Coated Glass Materials&period of time
For molding&colon mildew-releasing sheets&interval
For printing&colon drying display-printing equipment&interval
For apparels&colon adhesive interlining belts&time period
For foods processing&colon warmth sealers&comma frozen foodstuff transportation&comma defrosting belt and baking belt&time period
For packing&colon shrink movie packaging and aspect band sealing&period
For business office equipments&colon paper conveyor belt of copiers&interval


Product Color Thickness Max Width Tensile Energy Temperature Variety
YS-9008AJ Brown &period08mm 1250mm 500&sol480N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9008BJ Black &period08mm 1250mm 620&sol460N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9008Y Black &period08mm 1250mm 930&sol720N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9013AJ Brown &period13mm 1250mm 1100&sol1000N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9013BJ Black &period13mm 1250mm one thousand&sol960N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9013Y Black &period13mm 1250mm 910&sol880N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9018AJ Brown &period18mm 1250mm 1600&sol1600N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9018BJ Black &period18mm 1250mm 1500&sol1500N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9571AJ Brown &period25mm 2800mm 2100&sol1800N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9571BJ Black &period25mm 2800mm 2800&sol2700N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9035AJ Brown &period35mm 3200mm 2700&sol2600N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9035BJ Black &period35mm 3200mm 2100&sol2200N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9040AJ Brown &period40mm 3500mm 2900&sol3100N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9040BJ Black &period40mm 3500mm 3000&sol2900N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9065AJ Brown &period65mm 4000mm 4200&sol4000N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9090AJ Brown &period90mm 4000mm 6300&sol5800N&sol50mm -140to360
YS-9090BJ Black &period90mm 4000mm 6150&sol5300N&sol50mm -140to360

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth Fabric


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