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Top Quality CE Kd-500 150m High Performance DC Geared Motor

ELK Crane geared motor with Buffer = Crane Motor .4Kw =Lifting Motor = CZPT Motor:

End Truck Motor Stop Carriage Motor Factory : Reducer Crane CZPT Reducer

01.  ELK  Crane Geared Motor with Buffer  Functions :
    Quality Warranty = 2 Many years

Reduction gear
The equipment box is created of solid iron(FC25) with high tension,and created by pc numerical control machinery(CNC LATHE&CNC machining middle),which direct it to correct precision.The gear is produced of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220&SCM415)with warmth therapy of vacuum and carbonnitriding.
The shaft is made by alignment and grinding.
Which make it high correct. It possesses substantial abrasion and strike resistance.
The basic safety factor is up to 5 instances or more.The provider life is long.

Adopting gentle beginning and fly wheel buffer to generate higher inertia movement.
Both starting and braking are stable and easy, which can make goods not shaking.

With large functionality,substantial torque, motor makes certain swift warmth dissipation and
resistance to high voltage ranks far more than 1500v.
And it is also presented with other rewards:low present,small measurement,sturdy output energy,
and substantial operation frequency

Electromagnetic brake
Direct current brake possesses robust braking force.Bolt controls braking pressure straight,
and adopts braking pad with higher wear resistance to make it with large basic safety,
longservice daily life and powerful balance .

Gear box:cast iron(FC25) content, substantial rigidity, large precision

Equipment :Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220&SCM415) with warmth treatment method of vacuum carbonitriding..

Shaft:alignment and grinding, higher precise, substantial abrasion and strike resistance,
up five times security aspect,prolonged provider lifestyle

02. This Variety Crane Geared Motor with Buffer Positive aspects Notes :
(1).Little Quantity with Compact Unitive Entire Portion
(2).Delicate Constant Electromagnetic Braking Program
(3).Super Silent Voice & Delicate CZPTt and Delicate Cease
(four).Least expensive Effect
(five).Substantial Torque/ Output Power Stronger /Effortless Heat Dissipation
(six).Maximum Price Overall performance & Least expensive Fix Price .
03. ELK Crane geared motor with Buffer Characters :
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04.ELK Crane geared motor with Buffer Power :
.25Kw Crane Geared Motor,.4Kw Crane Geared Motor, .75Kw Crane Geared Motor,
1.1Kw Crane Geared Motor,1.5Kw Crane Geared Motor,2.2Kw Crane Geared Motor,three.75Kw Crane Geared Motor, Buffer Motor, CZPT Speeds Reducer, Dual Speeds Geared Motor .
(5) ELK Crane Motor CZPT Parameters :

one. ELK Crane Geared Motor with Buffer — CZPT  Parameters :      
Model With Buffer Power(Kw) Poles Module Reduction Ratio Rotation Pace(50Hz) Voltage Operate Course Weight   (Kgs) Volume  (m3)
KD-030 NO .25Kw 4P M3/M3.5/M4 ten:1 133 r/min 200V–600V/3Phase/     50Hz M4 14Kg .011
NO .25Kw 6P 90  r/min M4
NO .4Kw 4P 133 r/min M4 26Kg .571
KD-050 Sure .4Kw 4P M3/M4/M5 8.five:one 176 r/min M4
Sure .37Kw 6P 112 r/min M4 31Kg .571
KD-a hundred Yes .75Kw 4P M3/M3.five/M4/M5 189 r/min M4
Indeed .6Kw 6P 123 r/min M4 33Kg .571
Yes .four/.13Kw four/12P 189/sixty two r/min M4
KD-150 Yes one.1Kw 4P M4/M5/M3.5 13:one 112 r/min M4 47Kg .032
Indeed .75Kw 6P 67 r/min M4
Yes .six/.2Kw four/12P 112/33 r/min M4
KD-150A Yes one.1Kw 4P M3/M3.5/M4/M5 189 r/min M4 33Kg .571
Of course .75Kw 6P 123 r/min M4
Sure .six/.2Kw four/12P 189/sixty two r/min M4
KD-two hundred Yes 1.5Kw 4P M3.5/M4/M5/M6 16:one ninety two r/min M4 71Kg .06
Sure one.1Kw 4P ninety two r/min M4
Sure 1.1Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Indeed .75/.25Kw 4/12P ninety two/30 r/min M4
KD-three hundred Indeed 2.2Kw 4P M4/M5/  M6 sixteen:1 92 r/min M4 91Kg .07
Of course 1.5Kw 6P sixty one r/min M4
Of course 1.five/.5Kw 4/12P 92/31 r/min M4
KD-500 Indeed three.75Kw 4P M5/M6/ M7 sixteen:1 ninety two r/min M4 96Kg .07
Indeed three.75Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Yes 2.2Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Yes two.2/.75Kw four/12P ninety two/30 r/min M4

(6).: ELK Crane Motor with Buffer Benefits:

     1. ELK  Crane Geared Motor with Buffer Rewards :
..Tiny Volume : Reducer and Buffer Block and Motor(3Parts) are mixed to be a single whole Component.
..Security and Trustworthiness :Electromagnetic Brake with DC recent
..Decrease Noise :CZPTcal tooth transmission
..Reduce Influence : With Buffer Block , Gentle CZPTt and Soft Stop .
..Prolonged Service Time : With Hugely Durable brake block
..Large torque , output power stronger Easy heat dissipation .

(seven).Our Services :
— Following – Sale  Provider :
01.–24 Hrs CZPT Help by E-mail
02.–Contacting Support
03.–By Running Guide , Pictures, Detailed Videos  etc. Methods


Top Quality CE Kd-500 150m High Performance DC Geared Motor


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