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Yc Series Capacitor-Start Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor Guanglu

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YC/YCL/MC Series One Stage Capacitor commence Asynchronous Motor is suitable for air compressor,pump and the products requiring high startting torque. sequence motors are with larger  requiring high startting torque. sequence motors are with greater  startingtorque,exceptional operating functionality,small dimensions,light-weight fat and practical  maintenance.

Body pole Velocity volt frequency safety Insulation course Winding wire
80-132 2  four 1450rpm,2900rpm 110v,115v,220v,230v,240v 50hz,60hz ip44,ip54,ip55 B,F copper wire

 Production processing:



  • High starting torque Low sound
  • Energy assortment:.eighteen-5.5kw
  • Frame variety:63-132
  • Support issue:1.fifteen
  • Rated Volt:110V,120V 220V 230V  240V 380v,400v,415v,440v,575v,660v,690v.
  • Speed assortment:2p/3000rpm,4p/1500rpm,
  • CZPT and Frame housing:TEFC. Cast iron,Aluminum,
  • Junction box equipped with strong glands
  • Motors presented with CE mark
  • Security class:IP44 IP54,IP55
  • Thermal protector:Yes
  • Ambient Temperature:-15°C~40°C
  • Altitude:Not exceed 1000m
  • Frequency ragen:50Hz,60Hz
  • Insulation class: F,  H
  • Temprature riseB
  • Responsibility S1
  • Mount variety:
  • B3(ft mount), B5(Big flange mount),C experience/B14(small flange mount), 
  • V1(stop shield with flange)


  • .


Pre-product sales provider: 
•We are a sales group, with all specialized support from engineer staff.
•We benefit every inquiry sent to us, make certain swift competitive offer within 24 several hours.
•We cooperate with client to design and build the new goods. Provide all required doc.

Soon after product sales services:
•We respect your feed back after obtain the motors.
•We provide 1-two years warranty after receipt of motors..
•We guarantee all spare components CZPT in lifetime use.
•We loge your complain inside 24 hours.


Yc Series Capacitor-Start Single-Phase Asynchronous Motor Guanglu


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