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Ykk Series High Voltage  Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YKK series 6KV (seat variety 355-800), YKK series 10KV (seat number 450-800) large-voltage a few-section induction motor insulation grade F, rated frequency 50Hz, S1 continuous operating method, safety grade IP44 or IP54, cooling method IC611, best with air-to-air cooler, installation kind IMB3 (horizontal with foot), seat number 630 and with bottom foot. The upper 2-pole motor and YVPKK variable frequency motor cooler with fan are cooled by IC646.

ZheJiang Welwoo Power Co., Ltd. was started in April 2006.It has 216 staffs.The main generation are reduced higher voltage motors, new vitality electric powered vehicle employing motors and managed systems,and metal equipment reduction motors.Its a firm of research,manufacture,product sales,service,intercontinental trade.

Ykk Series High Voltage  Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor


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