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Yzr Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Formetallurgy and Lifting

YZR 3-stage asynchronous motor formetallurgy and lifting

HangCZPT 3 section asynchronous large performance metallurgical motor for crane with the attribute of large overload potential and higher mechanical power.It can be utilised hoisting and metallurgy subject.

Jamusi a few section asynchronous higher effectiveness metallurgical motor for crane hoisting and metallurgy wound rotor 3-period asynchronous motor (450-560 middle height) is a new era of large-trustworthiness and reduced-voltage substantial-electricity wound rotor three-stage asynchronous motor. To meet up with the domestic use of different huge and medium-sized cranes, overload capacity, substantial mechanical power. And the air flow framework is basic, easy condition, smooth traces, excellent performance, trustworthy use, simple upkeep and so on.


Yzr Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Formetallurgy and Lifting


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