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My 1HP Electric Motor for Fan with Silicon-Steel-Sheet Stator

   CZPT Introdution&colon
    1&periodMY motors have excellent functionality&comma safe and reliableoperation&comma wonderful visual appeal&comma and can be managed very conveniently&commawhile with lower noise&comma minor vibration&comma gentle weight and simpleconstruction&interval
   2&periodThis collection motors can be utilized on home appliance&commapumps&comma admirer and recording meters&comma and so forth&period   Ambient temperature&colon-15°C≤θ≤40°C   Over sea level&colon not exceed1000m
Detailed Specs&colon

Model No&time period Rated Power Current &lparA&rpar Speed
EFF&period of time&lpar&percnt&rpar Power Factor
220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r&solmin &lpar2Pole&rpar
MY561-two &period09 &period12 &period77 2730 58 &period92 &period4 1&period7
MY562-two &period12 &period18 &period96 2740 62 &period92 &period4 1&period7
MY631-two &period18 1&sol4 one&period48 2750 sixty six &period92 &period4 five one&period7
MY632-two &period25 1&sol3 one&period96 2750 67 &period92 &period4 seven one&period7
MY711-2 &period37 one&sol2 two&period73 2780 sixty nine &period92 &period35 10 one&period7
MY712-2 &period55 3&sol4 3&period88 2780 seventy one &period92 &period35 fifteen one&period7
MY801-2 &period75 one 5&period51 2780 73 &period92 &period33 20 1&period7
MY802-two one&period1 one&period5 seven&period02 2800 75 &period95 &period33 30 1&period7
MY90S-2 one&period5 two nine&period44 2800 seventy six &period95 &period3 forty five one&period7
MY90L-2 two&period2 three thirteen&period67 2800 seventy seven &period95 &period3 65 1&period7
220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1400r&solmin &lpar4Pole&rpar
MY561-4 &period06 &period08 &period57 1330 53 &period90 &period4 1&period7
MY562-four &period09 &period12 &period81 1340 fifty six &period90 &period4 one&period7
MY631-four &period12 one&sol6 1&period1 1350 sixty &period90 &period4 3&period5 one&period7
MY632-four &period18 one&sol4 one&period62 1360 sixty two &period90 &period4 5 one&period7
MY711-4 &period25 one&sol3 two&period02 1370 sixty four &period92 &period35 7 one&period7
MY712-four &period37 1&sol2 two&period95 1370 66 &period92 &period35 ten 1&period7
MY801-four &period55 three&sol4 4&period25 1380 68 &period92 &period35 fifteen one&period7
MY802-4 &period75 one five&period45 1380 70 &period92 &period32 twenty one&period7
MY90S-4 1&period1 1&period5 seven&period45 1390 73 &period95 &period32 thirty 1&period7
MY90L-four one&period5 2 nine&period83 1400 seventy five &period95 &period2 forty 1&period7

Q&colon Do you provide OEM support&quest
A&colon Sure
Q&colon What is your payment phrase&quest
A&colon thirty&percnt T&solT as deposit in advance&comma 70&percnt harmony receipt of the duplicate of B&solLor prior to shipment&period
Q&colon What is your direct time&quest
A&colon About 25 days soon after receipt the deposit or original irrevocable L&solC&time period
Q&colon What certifiicate do you have&quest
A&colon We have CE&comma ISO&period And we can utilize for distinct certificate fordifferent place this kind of as COI for Iran&comma SASO for Saudi Arabia&comma and so forth&period

My 1HP Electric Motor for Fan with Silicon-Steel-Sheet Stator


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