Three Phase Motor 230V/400V 4P 63 B5

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0.12kW 3ph 4 pole high efficiency flange mount (B5) D63 frame AC motor for 230V or 400V three phase supply. The inverter is rated for variable frequency inverter drives with 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or 50Hz fixed frequency mains.

Fixed power output: 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 1375RPM at 230V or 400V x 50Hz 3ph.
Inverter Power Output: 15:1 speed control from 138RPM to 2063RPM for 5Hz to 75Hz with proper derating at lower speeds.

Full Load Current – 0.71A at 230V or 0.41A at 400V.
When the power supply is connected at 50Hz, the power factor is 0.75.
64% efficiency

120mm wide x 221mm long x 171mm high, with an overall IP55 enclosure.
Flange mounts on central 4 x 10mm holes on a 115mm PCD with 95mm diameter sockets on a 140mm diameter flange.
The shaft diameter is 11mm x 23mm, and the key width is 4mm.
The weight is 5 kg.

Multi-mount design: The feet (if mounted) can be moved to position the junction box on top or on either side. The junction box can also be relocated to the rear of the motor if desired. The motor can also be mounted vertically with the shaft facing down.

The temperature rating is 40C ambient.
Ventilation space is required at the after-cooling air inlet.
Includes thermistor for thermal protection.
Part number is – ALAA-0063M0-10004-IZ (I2-0.12-4B5)

For variable speed use:-
Part-time output when inverter powered…
0.42Nm – 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 2750RPM at 100Hz
0.83Nm – 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 1375RPM at 50Hz
0.83Nm – 0.06kW (0.08HP) x 688RPM at 25Hz
0.42Nm – 0.012kW (0.009) x 138RPM at 5Hz
Continuous output when the inverter supplies power…
0.56Nm – 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 2063RPM at 75Hz
0.83Nm – 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 1375RPM at 50Hz
0.71Nm – 0.05kW (0.07HP) x 688RPM at 25Hz
0.42Nm – 0.006kW (0.009HP) x 138RPM at 5Hz