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A three-phase motor is an electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. They have three current conductors and are used for larger machinery that requires more power. These motors are commonly used in industrial applications such as driving lathes, cranes, mixers and crushers. Three-phase motors are available in various horsepower ratings and mounting options, depending on process requirements.

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Components of an induction motor

An induction or asynchronous motor consists of two main components: the stator and the rotor. The stator consists of external windings or magnets and is stationary. The stator is stationary. The rotor is the inner core, the part of the motor that actually rotates. The rotor rotates.
Squirrel cage designs are the most common type of induction motor because they are self-starting, reliable, and economical. In this design, the rotor looks similar to a hamster wheel or “squirrel cage”, hence the name. The rotor consists of a metal rod outer cylinder with shorted ends. The interior consists of a shaft and a solid core made of sheet steel.

How to identify single phase and 3 phase motor:

Check the motor nameplate data on a paper or metal label usually located on the side of the motor.

Look at the number of wires coming out of the motor. If your motor has three black wires and one green wire, it’s most likely 3-phase. The three thermal leads are usually labeled U, V, and W, and the last lead is labeled ground.

Check two wires for single phase or three to four wires for three phase.

Check the voltage with a multimeter. A single phase supply should read 230 volts, and a multimeter should read 208 volts if it is a three phase supply.

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How does a 3-Phase Motor Work?

Three-phase motors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction discovered by British physicist Michael Faraday in 1830. Faraday noticed that when a conductor, such as a coil, is placed in a changing magnetic field, an induced electromotive force or EMF is created in the conductor. He also observed that current flowing in a conductor, such as a wire, creates a magnetic field, and that the magnetic field changes with the magnitude or direction of the current in the wire. This is expressed mathematically by relating the curling of the electric field to the time rate of change of the magnetic flux:

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1. The aluminum alloy frame has high strength and is lightweight.
2. The insulated lead has high performance and high efficiency.
3. Special slot and compact coil make the motor quiet and high-performance.
4. The bearings are made of heat-resistant grease with high performance.
5. Liquid gasket seal (IP55)
6. Front cover and rear cover support bearing, iron molded
7. Quiet and with efficient fans for maximum cooling efficiency.

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Application of Three-Phase AC Induction Motor

Three-phase AC induction motors can drive various components in industrial or higher power applications—from pumps and fans to compressors and conveyors by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Three-phase AC induction motors represent a high-quality, low-cost option for simple, single-speed applications. This includes rotating turntables, material handling conveyors, industrial fans, and other simple systems.
Three-phase induction motors are also well-suited for electric vehicle applications, including commercial EVs and hybrids. Induction motors minimize costs and potential points of failure for mining and agricultural equipment, trucks, and school buses while optimizing motor control performance, providing a comprehensive solution for machine builders.

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How does three phase motor works

In order to actually get torque on the motor shaft, a current needs to be applied to the stator. This creates a rotating magnetic field, which induces current in the rotor. Due to this induced current, the rotor also generates a magnetic field and starts to follow the stator due to the magnetic attraction. The rotor will turn slower than the stator field, which is called “slip”. If the rotor turns at the same speed as the stator, no current is induced and therefore no torque is produced. The speed difference ranges from 0.5% to 5%, depending on the motor windings.

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