0.12kW Aluminium Three Phase Motor 230V/400V 2 Pole 56 Frame B35

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Universal IE2 0.12kW 3 phase 2 pole B35 base and flange mount 56 frame AC induction motor for 230V or 400V 3 phase supply. For variable frequency inverter drives with 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or 50Hz fixed frequency three-phase power supply.

Output: 0.12kW at 2670rpm, 230V or 400V, 50Hz 3ph.
Speed ​​range of inverter power supply: from 267rpm to 4005rpm (5Hz to 75Hz) when derating at lower speeds.
Constant power speed range: 2670rpm to 4005rpm continuous.

Full load current for 230V 3ph Delta link: 0.63A.
400V 3ph with star link full load current: 0.36A. (default)
Torque: 0.43Nm
Efficiency: 53.6% (IE2)
Power factor: 0.77 when mains is connected at 50Hz.

Junction box location: top, side, bottom.
Shell protection grade: IP55.

Dimensions: 120mm wide x 195mm long x 156mm high.
Base mounts on 90mm wide x 71mm center 5.8mm holes, 36mm behind the shoulders; flange mounts on 100mm PCD equally spaced 4 x 7mm holes with 120mm diameter flanges 80mm diameter socket
Shaft: 9mm diameter, 20mm long with 3mm key
Construction: Aluminum
Weight: 2.9 kg.

Ambient Temperature: Rated at 40°C.
Ventilation space is required at the after-cooling air inlet.
Over temperature detection: not included.